Friday, July 15, 2005



If you know the meaning of this word, that’s good, you know quite a bit. But if you know where does this originate from, then you’re in a class of your own. For those unaware, the word originates from the island country of SRI LANKA where, according to legend, lived kings of kingdom of SERENDIP who were famous for their accidental discoveries wherever they went.

Consider a example, say you were wandering around your garden and found a chest full of gold coins behind a tree, you suddenly became rich and that too without any expectations. Now that’s what we call serendipity. On the other hand you could have spent a hundred years to search for a hidden treasure and still not find it! Now this is uncertainity in its purest form.

Talk about life and its full of uncertainity, nobody knows his future; no doubt newspapers are full of horoscopes, but hey, aren’t those just predictions? In fact it's life uncertainity that makes it worth living. Imagine if you already know what would happen to you the next day? There will no excitement left, no puzzles, just a boring life, right? Consider knowing that your math exam tomorrow will not go as good as you wanted, what would you do then? Stop studying and blame your fate and yourself for being so unfortunate? This way you would only be adding to your troubles and your depression will lead to even poorer results. On the other hand if you knew you’d be getting good results you’d become overly excited and lose your concentration. You might still be getting good scores but never really what is your worth. See how knowing your future can push you away from your actual potential. In fact, the best part about life is its uncertainty. So all we have is predictions, which have no proof of being true and actual.

So far, I have talked about two things – serendipity and uncertainity. How do they relate? Serendipity means making discoveries by chance, and where does this chance come from? Uncertainity of course.

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