Friday, May 13, 2005


The most basic of human activities from the early man era has been to communicate with each other. From symbols of the early man, to the titanic languages we live with today, if there’s one thing that is important for the existence of the so called social animal, it is to communicate. But often, we have seen that despite the advances made in languages we have made, we still fail to get our message across to the other person the way intended. This results in misunderstandings and quarrels over not so important things in life.

Often, people associate communication with great vocabulary and language skills. This is not true, communication refers to the getting the message through. So when a 1 year old cries because he his hungry, he needn’t have to say he’s hungry, all he needs is to cry, and all else is understood. However, this can’t continue for a long time especially with growing needs and more of the world to grasp. Perhaps, that’s when the need of a more advanced medium for communication is evoked. Symbols obviously are the very next step in the communication cycle but they too show a temporary existence as a major method of communication. Although symbols or other naïve methods are equally good or even better than defined language, they are limited to a very small spectrum of messages that can be conveyed. This brings us to next most important step, the use of language: usage of defined words for defined as well as undefined objects, something that definitely puts us a step ahead of the animal world.

So the quest, now, is to use this language effectively, so that misunderstandings are minimized and communication is complete, that's what this blog shall focus upon.

PS: As a global standard, English shall be the main language of concern for this blog.


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